BOOKEGYPT is the one-stop shop that is solely specialized in selling academic textbooks online, in Egypt and the Arab World. Focusing on the academic sphere, our online bookstore holds thousands of various academic titles that cover all the disciplines starting from Medicine, Science, and Engineering, and reaching to Arts, Literature, and Business.

For Students

BOOKEGYPT makes every textbook easily accessible online to every student. If you are a student looking for a certain textbook to do a new research, master a new technology, gain more knowledge, or pass your coming exam, then BOOKEGYPTis your exact destination.

For Professors

Because we value our instructors, professors, and trainers, we provide them with the latest and most updated textbooks in every academic discipline to enrich their knowledge and references. We can also provide them with free textbooks that help them to confidently recommend more books to their students.

For Institutions

Having a wide variety of textbooks, encyclopedias, references, and e-learning solutions, we supply both the public and the private sector educational institutions such as universities, research centers, and training centers with their library of academic material. We provide integrated educational services that do not only include textbooks, but also the books’ labs and e-learning solutions.