Baccah Information Technology over the years

Originally startingas distributor for international book publishers, Baccah Information Technology has the primary business of selling textbooks to educational institutions in Egypt. Since 2001, BaccahIT has been providing public and private sector organizations, universities, research, and training centers with the latest textbooks’ editions in various academic disciplines such as Business, Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Language and Literature, Humanities, Psychology, Politics, Law, and Arts. Evolving to a wider range of business and including different sectors of customers, BaccahIT installed the technology of e-commerce in its business by introducing BOOKEGYPT as the first online bookstore selling textbooks to students and individuals, as well as institutions, and professors. Having based outlets inside universities in Egypt, and established BOOKEGYPT as an online bookstore, BaccahIT has now developed a strong presence, both online and offline, not only in Egypt, but also throughout the Arab region.