Baccah Kotob Services

McGraw-Hill Learning Technology Solutions

McGraw-Hill, leading a new era of learning,creates learning experiences that meet the needs of students and instructors today. The solutions provided by McGraw Hill engage the students, empower the instructors, and create a more efficient and effective learning process. McGraw Hill offers a number of powerful tools and features to easily manage students’ assignments and build a unique learning experience that matches each student’s capabilities.

Cengage Learning Technology Solutions

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions for the academic, professional, and library markets worldwide. With Cengage Learning's collection of exceptional offerings, you can be confident that we havemore variety and content for both instructors and students that fit the needsof your course. Cengage Learning solutions aim at reducing instructors’ workloads through auto-graded assignments and easy-to-use course management tools, as well as empowering students to master concepts, prepare for exams, and be more involved in class.

Oxford Online Placement Tests

To place students into the appropriate level class for a language course, or to measure a student's general language ability, the Online Placement Test developed by Oxford is your best option. Oxford Placement Tests are automatically marked, accurate, reliable, and for both British and American English. We, as a partner with Oxford University Press, can provide you with the online test brought from Oxford.

E-Publishing and Conversion

We aim at preserving legacy books and copping with the digital information age; that way we make sure science never disappears. With that aim in mind, we appreciate the importance of e-books nowadays. We have dedicated part of our services to publish and convert all book formats, printed books and other digital book formats, into the most popular, standard, and open format, which is the EPUB book. We can help you create a book and publish it as an EPUB book, as well as convert any book you have, in any format, into an EPUB book. EPUB, short for Electronic Publication, is a standard file format designed to support reflowable content, as well as fixed-layout content. The content created in EPUB format has the tendency to adapt its presentation according to the output device. Thus, an EPUB book can be read on a wide variety of digital devices including Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, and dedicated e-readers.With an EPUB book, reading has become interactive; you can search for specific content within the book, highlight paragraphs, share sections with your friends including comments, add several bookmarks, and take countless notes. Adding to the fact that E-books are easily distributed overseas through the Internet with no shipping costs, EPUB books are reachable and readable anywhere on the planet. .

Customized Textbooks

Some courses taught in universities require specific chapters gathered from more than one textbook. Being a partner with the textbooks publishers, we can ask them to create the customized textbooks according to your courses’ needs. We develop the customized textbook by selecting the fundamental chapters needed for your course in one textbook that serves all of your course’s needs.