Our Values


We appreciate the diversity of our customers and their demands for a better education. Thus, weare keen to provide you with all varieties of books in every existing academic discipline.


Gaining your trust is our aim. We protect the intellectual property rights of our publishers’ books. We believe delivering original textbooks will ensure you a better educational experience.


We refuse coming to a standstill; we are in continuous progress. We enrich our experience and keep improving ourselves to satisfy our customers’ unique and high standard service delivery.

Family Spirit

We believe a balance between professionalism and family spirit is the key for excellence. We treat customers as family; we put our customers’ interests first and we guide them to choose the books that are most beneficial for them. In order to acquire even more excellence, we trust the power of an effective team. We create a work environment that is enjoyable, supportive, packed with a family spirit, and enriching our experience with books.


Telling the truth has its magic, therefore we do not risk your confidence in us. We base our relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees on honesty and professionalism.


We are dedicated to serving our customers in the most sincere way. We invest our quality time in our customers’ inquires and requests however hard they seem. We also commit to delivery deadlines and we build a strong, rapid, and honest communication channels with our customers.

Reliable Partnerships

Our partners are our suppliers. We gain their trust, we form strong partnerships and we support them in the market. We meet our partners’ expectations, so they can confidently rely on us for delivering their services.

Honorable Competition

We only compete ourselves so that we can improve. We believe in fair competitions, we respect them, and we choose to fight honorably. We even go a step further by leading the market and creating new market demands in new places. We are loyal to the textbooks selling market in Egypt and the Arab region, and we choose to put our customers’ interests above our competitions in the market.

Process Respect

We believe that following the standard work process improves our outcomes, maximizes our success, and flourishes our reputation.